Funding Solutions

Through its affiliated funds, Gibraltar Advisors provides needed capital for publicly and privately held companies for best-fit funding solutions.

The lifeblood of any size company is access to adequate capital within an appropriate structure to meet their specific need. Gibraltar Advisors assist in evaluating and providing the most effective structures for meeting funding needs for growth.

Equity Line

Through our equity lines of credit companies register the issuance shares of common stock with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) pursuant to an S-1 filing. The company can then “draw down” funds simply by sending us a funding notice.
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Debt Conversion

Obtaining capital for the express purpose of paying down outstanding debt obligations is difficult in today’s market environment. Moreover much needed capital could well be put to more productive uses such as funding growth.
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Private Investiment Into Public Equity (PIPE)

The Company issues stock at a specified discount to the current market value per share pursuant to a resale registration agreement. There are two main types of PIPE’s – traditional and structured.
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Convertible Debenture

Companies that have a need to secure interim capital immediately to fund a specific project or to conclude an audit and prepare a registration statement for an “institutional” investor might consider a Convertible Debenture.
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